Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Okay, this post is really part II of closing out the year, but I just took the time to read what I wrote in 2005 before 2006 started. Pretty interesting reading from my chair anyway. 2007 won't be a Kona year, maybe 2008 (the whole 2nd adoption thing makes planning Hawaii unrealistic in many ways). I did go to Worlds. I did break 3 hours, at Boston even. Yes I did turn 40! I did get an age group podium spot again (2nd).

I still need to improve my swimming...my competitive swimming. I'm actually okay int he pool but freak out a little at races. I want to become even beastier as an endurance athlete. I can go and go, and now I want to do so faster and longer. Bold yes, feasible...we'll see. I don't miss bike racing. I kind of dig running races, especially the previously despised 10k. There's something about it that now appeals to me. It hurts a lot, but is such a welcome change to the long death marches to which I have become accustom, that I plan on throwing a few more in this year. It's similar to why I enjoy being a strong triathlon runner. When you pass someone in a running racce, they usually aren't coming back. And the discipline is so basic, so primal, it is more gratifying than cycling supremacy where equipment advances have really created an "arms race" atmosphere.

I also found it interesting that I concluded last year with the same run as this year (unintentionally). 7.1 miles by my house. I'm fitter and faster this year, largely because I did not take significant time off after racing. That has to do with my physical health which has been very good, and my mental health which is also much improved. I changed jobs in 2006, just as I indicated I must in 2005.

Finally, I put in a 7 mile run today, as well as 3 miles of walking. Hey, it's January 2nd and it's almost 50 degrees. You gotta take advantage of it. The construction zone by the Washington Bridge is still a little hairy, however.

The numbers:

Runs: 1
Mileage: 7
YTD: 7