Wednesday, January 24, 2007


While the Pats losing on Sunday was a bit of a downer, by the time the game was going south I was already wrapped with other concerns. You see I had fallen on our stairs while carrying Alexandra (I was going up the me if you've seen my stairs you'd know that that's not far fetched). While I didn't drop her, we both hit the deck and her forehead smacked into the edge of the iron railing. It left a dent and a cut. Dadda was freaked and upset. Mamma was pissed at Dadda (I was not doing anything irresponsible). Alexandra was just upset. Long story short she's fine and no worse for wear. When she's a teenager, if the scar doesn't fade, I'm sure she'll be telling her friends that it's from the time her Dad dropped her.

I'm sorry sweetie.