Sunday, December 10, 2006

Racing Day, It's Racing Day...

I'm running a 10k today. I've been searching the internet trying verify the last time I raced just a 10k. It looks like December 1995 was the last one. It was the same race as I'm running today (albeit on a different course). Other than that all my 10k efforts have been in conjunction with olypmic distance triathlons. There have been a few 5 milers (Thanksgiving day races) and a few 4.8 milers and 5ks, but no 10ks. The bar is pretty low on my 10k time. 39:21. I think I can manage that.

Here are my goals:
1) Break 39
2) Break 39:21

Hard to pick a 3rd goal for a 10k race. Finishing I guess is the 3rd goal, but that's just to keep my "always finish what you start" streak alive. I'll be bummed if I don't at least knock off #2, and #1 is so close to #2, that's really my goal for the day. Leanna and Alexandra will be watching so I'll have a little extra motivation.

Final time: 38:26, which is faster than I thought I could go (6:12 per mile). It's been so long since I've raced this distance in a pure running event, that I found finding a pace was hard. Mile 1 was a 6:04, followed by a 6:24 second mile. I had a moment of concern that I couldn't get the pace back, but then I got in with a group of runners and by mile 3 was on a pace of 6:12 per mile, which we held to the end. The group was initially pretty big and a little "unruly" (people moving sideways without looking, a little pushing, etc...), so at about mile 2.5 I surged and only the tough people hung in. By mile three there were only 5 of us. One guy surged ahead and stayed there until mile 5.5, when we other 4 moved past him for good. I wasn't motivated to "kick" so I came in 3rd of the 4 of us, and 26th overall. I was the 8th in the 40-49 category.
It was a good race. I don't think I could have been much faster today, but I do feel like I can go faster in the future. I've done so much long distance racing that it was nice doing a short race and just going hard. Oh yes, and the best part of the day (by far) was coming into the finish line and hearing Alexandra scream "IT'S DADDAAAA!!!!" Priceless. (We then went and played in a pile of leaves!)

Mileage update from this week:
4 mile run (easy, coaching runners at Hope HS Track)
5 mile run (warm-up, one mile run test, easy run back to work; 5:34)
2 mile run (pre-race run. 2x400m at 5k pace)
6.1 mile run (race day; 38:26...6:12 per mile)