Monday, November 27, 2006

Training Log Entry #87 - #92: Grading the season

Just catching up. I thought I'd take a second to grade my season as well. I'm thinking A- which could be generous. While I'm going to fall short on my mileage goals, I will likely end up with 2000 combined run/bike miles. Most importantly I feel better physically than I have in YEARS! My work reinventing my running has paid dividends. My ankle works. My Hammy works. My massage therapist said my muscles felt really good and supple. That is far better than last year's assessment when my ankle felt "funky" and the muscles under my IT bands were tight as bow strings.

I also hit my two "A" goals; A PR and sub 3 hour marathon at Boston, and breaking the 1 1/2 hour mark for the 1/2 iron run (in June at Mooseman). As a bonus I earned a trip to the Ironman World Championships 70.3, and set a PR at the 1/2 iron distance.

Here are my missing workouts:
19 mile bike/4.3 mile run (11/5)
2 mile run (11/10)
13.1 mile run (11/11)
56 mile bike (11/11)
6.5 mile run (11/21)
5 mile run (11/23)
6 mile run (11/27)

Terrain: Mostly Asphalt

# of Runs: 92
YTD Mileage: 737.57
MTG (Miles to Goal): 262.43
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.02

YTD Mileage: 1082.50
# of Rides: 47
M/RD: 23.03