Sunday, October 22, 2006

Training Log Entry #83

Probably my last longish stuff before raceday. I had nothing in the tank, or so it seemed, when I went out for the run, but withing a couple of miles I relaxed, my energy levels picked up, and I started moving. Saturday was also the day of the Nifty 50 ultra in Middletown, the one I would have been running if not for the 70.3 Championships. There had been a marathon run earlier in the day as well, but the ultramarathon is something special. I was out first doing errands, and then running and I saw these few people out just doing it. The crowds were gone. The volunteers were mostly gone, the race officials were taking down parts of the course, and still these 27 people kept going. It's a lonely existence. I mean they weren't running with each other. Most of them were not even aware there were others like them still on the course. It moved me. I know that feeling. Despite being a fairly introverted person, I slowed (first in my truck and then on foot) and made eye contact with each one of them and told them with all sincerity that they were doing great. That they were inspirational, because they were.

The second 1/2 of my run overlapped the ultramarathon course and I came upon a few runners. One in particular I ran alongside for a couple of miles. She was clearly a fellow Ironman triathlete (the hat and fuelbelt were the giveaways), and when I asked seem in need of a little human contact, even if for a short way.

The bike ride today was fairly quick but hard. 48 miles in 2:12. The wind was stronger than I had expected and it was cold. As I sit here typing I'm pretty tapped out. I'm hitting the caffeine in an effort to get going and do some yard work and a couple of other lingering chores. I'm getting used to my new position and it does keep my upper body lower and steadier, so I'm hopeful for a good ride in Florida. Maybe not a PR for the distance, but better than I've done recently.

The numbers

11.8 miles running/48 miles riding

Terrain: asphalt

# of Runs: 83
YTD Mileage: 683.57
MTG (Miles to Goal): 316.43
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.24

YTD Mileage: 978.50
# of Rides: 43
M/RD: 22.76