Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Training meets Fiscal Conservation meets Tree Hugging!

The athlete in me is happy! The miser in me is happy! The liberal in me is happy!

-'re not THAT liberal.

- Yeah I know, but the socially progressive, moderate conservative doesn't sound as good. Besides, my Dad is an academic, so I'm sure I have a recessive Libby gene in there somewhere.

Excuse me, but I digress.

Today I satisfied my various needs by riding my bike into work! No not from my house, that would be silly, but from Colt State Park in Bristol, RI (approx. 15 mile ride each way). It worked out well and actually didn't alter my timetable in the morning. It just changed when I did certain things. I just need to be careful about leaving work at an appropriate time, because my total commuting time is 30-40 minutes longer than driving alone, and I don't want to lose my Daddy time with Alexandra at the back end of the day. I'm sure Leanna doesn't want me to lose it either!

One note about my return commute: On the advise of a co-worker I took my bike from Point St. through India Point Park (via a construction zone, and chainlink fences). While I was in less jeopardy of a traffic related incident than if I had ridden on Wickenden (a busy street at rush hour because many of the ramps to the interstate 195 come off of it), I felt that I was actually in greater jeopardy due to the seclusion and abundance of pot/crack heads. My bike would likely keep someone hooked up for a few days. In the future I think I'll take my chances with the road ragers.