Friday, July 07, 2006

Bye Bye Ki-ki

I knew yesterday would come, but I was still quite unprepared for it. Our Bentley, our kitty for almost 17 years had to be put to sleep.

He saw the Berlin Wall fall.
He saw Operation Desert Shield become Operation Desert Storm.
He saw three US Presidents.
He saw the fall of the Soviet Union.
He saw 7 Tour de France victories by a cancer survivor.
He saw me complete 2 Ironman triathlons.
He saw Leanna and I get married.
He saw the arrival of our daughter Alexandra.
He was best friends with Otis.
After me he was the eldest in the Kehm family, older than all of my nephews.
He lived in Pittsburgh, PA, Monroeville, PA, Shelton, CT, Newport, RI, and Middletown, RI.

His last moments were calm and dignified, and if you knew Bentley, you knew that is how they would be. I am very sad.

Bentley and Otis. Posted by Picasa