Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bitter Beer Face!

American Floyd Landis, the now probable winner of the Tour de France.

His win was unlikely after losing 10 minutes on the second stage in the Alps. I was surprised that I was actually really bummed when that happened. Floyd is in many ways the Anti-Lance. Well liked, respectful of the other riders, basically a nice guy. He represented a utopian dream that nice guys can finish first. The death of that dream disturbed me. However I should not have feared. Floyd has big balls, even if only one working hip, and the next day took 8 of those minutes back, attacking at the beginning of a nasty stage through the Alps, and soloing away to victory. It was awe inspiring and ranks with Greg Lemond's "the Ride" as the most unlikely and impressive athletic feat I've witnessed.

FYI, his performance enhancing drug of choice: Amstel.