Monday, June 12, 2006

We Need More Power!!!

If only it were as easy as patting my hands to the beat! (If you don't watch "Disney's Little Einsteins", you won't understand the reference. I'll explain when I see you.) Anyway, I'm changing up my training some. The next month will have a heavy emphasis on power and speed. My aerobic base is as good as I can remember it ever being. I'm just not strong or fast. Fortunately power and speed come on relatively quickly compared to base fitness. I'm racing twice in July, so we'll see how I'm doing then.

Last night was some bike work. Only 17 miles, but focused on power. It was all big ring work. Two intervals on the flats by second beach (about 2 miles each) and two on a climb on my road of 1.1 mile each (avg. grade 3%). Hard but not killer. While once again I fear I might be rationalizing copping out, I kept from overextending myself so I would be able to run today and more importantly, hit a Time Trial on Thursday. There's no point going to a TT if I can't produce a maximum effort, and if I really killed my self tonight I know I'd still be feeling it Thursday.

The numbers:

YTD Mileage: 363
# of Rides: 14
M/RD: 25.93