Friday, June 30, 2006

Training Log Entry #54

It's been a pretty mellow 7 days. This post is late, I ran on Monday, but nothing substantial has been missed in the delay. I had one run of 6.5 miles, two swims (3500m total), and about 27 miles of cycling this week. Despite resting both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, I was out of gas this week. All the power work I've been doing, as well as racing a cycling time trial for the first time in two years, has been taking it's toll. Monday's run went okay, a few accelerations to keep me honest, and then cruising along. I'm not as smooth as I was in late April, but I'm still running okay. The time trail was acceptable. I'm a minute slower than my best over 10 miles, but that is better than I expected. Tomorrow I'm doing the second "Mock Race" to see how I've progressed.
The biggest indicator that I needed an easy week was my weight. When I'm stressed and overtired my weight goes into free fall. I tipped the scales at 159 on Monday. It's now Friday and thanks to a combination of rest, stuffing my face, and a beer or two, I've moved back up to 161.5 . I feel much better. I'm hopeful I'll crush my previous mock race time. This would be a much needed confidence boost in advance of my first sprint triathlon in 4 years next weekend. I need speed and I need confidence if I'm to pull off the improbable qualification for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships at the Timberman 1/2 Ironman in August.

The numbers:

6.5 miles run

Terrain: Asphalt

YTD Mileage: 462.37
MTG (Miles to Goal): 537.63
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.56

YTD Mileage: 429.75
# of Rides: 17
M/RD: 25.28