Sunday, June 04, 2006

Alexandra Update

The blog has been pretty one dimensional lately, even though my life hasn't. Naturally Alexandra is the center of our universe. Everyday is even more amazing than the last as I see her become this bright, happy little girl. She can count now, and understands the spelling of her name (she'll say the letters along with you). And she knows how to push Mommy's and Daddy's (also known as Gaga) buttons! If she's not the center of attention or wants to do something that isn't currently in the plan (like going outside to play), she can pitch quite a fit. She'll throw things then look at us with this devious little look the see our reaction. Fortunately she usually throws something she actually wants to play with, giving us the ability to take it away and garner the proper disciplinary effect. I'm waiting for the day she throws things she doesn't want, and thus doesn't care if we remove it! Like my mother-in-law says, "Her personality is just like her father!" I'm still not sure if that was a compliment.

Hmm, I wonder how she'll do with a little brother or sister?

PS: Otis and Bentley are doing well also. Otis is getting lots of playtime lately and is starting to look nice and lean again. Bentley is old and medicated, but generally in good spirits now that we've given him "outdoor privileges" in his golden years.