Saturday, May 06, 2006

Burgers, Beer and Tool Belts

Yes I'm cheap. So rather than pay the extra $400 to have the playset for Alexandra come pre-assembled, I elected to bribe my friends with offers of free food and beer. I'd end up paying much less, and hell maybe it'd be fun. Fortunately the weather was perfect and the playset we ordered came with everything needed (except the second 1/2 of the instructions, but thanks to the miracle of the internet I downloaded a full set). The following three pictures and the link to the short movie highlight the day (time elapsed 5 hours).

This crew's not look'n so good. (Otis steps in to supervise) Posted by Picasa

Well it looks okay, and we only lost one guy. Nice work 'O'. Posted by Picasa

YEAH!! Posted by Picasa

Today's feature: Alexandra in action!