Thursday, April 06, 2006

Training Log Entry #32

I need some sleep. Ever since we changed the clocks, Alexandra has been inconsistent in her wake up time, resulting in Daddy getting inconsistent sleep. That combined with work and the approach of the Boston Marathon, and I'm feeling really tired. Today I ran the 6.5 on the Bike Path and my legs felt great, but it was still an effort because of the general fatigue. I did throw in a one mile interval just to get the proper tempo going in the run. I'm not running again until Sunday, and I haven't decided what that one will be. It will be long and steady, not too easy but definitely not hard, but I'm not sure how far I'll go.

The numbers:

6.5 miles

Terrain: Asphalt/Concrete

YTD Mileage: 273.17
MTG (Miles to Goal): 926.83
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.54