Saturday, March 18, 2006

Training Log Entry #26

Still a bit of snap and crackle for the first 3 miles. Ran for a little over an hour today, primarily sand and trail. My best guess is 8.5 miles. Two one mile stretches of tempo running thrown in. All in all not bad. My legs feel pretty fresh. I'd like to get my ankle mended a bit by next weekend. I'm looking to do a 20 miler next Saturday. It will likely be my only 20 before Boston. The week after will be the final timed effort around the Ocean Drive and then it's taper time. Still no room for screw-ups, but I am cautiously optimistic for April 17th.

The numbers:

8.5 miles

Terrain: Sand/Trail

YTD Mileage: 217.35
MTG (Miles to Goal): 982.65
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.36