Saturday, March 11, 2006

Training Log Entry #23

Today I did something I almost never do: I did the long run, with a watch, for the second time in 8 days. On the very rare occasion that I run long two weekends in a row, I always leave the watch at home for one of those. The reason has to do with lingering disappointment over last weekend's run.

Today my legs hurt. My ankle hurt. My hamstring hurt. Both issues, I think, thanks to the fast mile repeats on Tuesday. I expected to be flat because I have only run once since last Saturday, and sure enough despite the temperature being 20 degrees warmer than last week, I was only 25 seconds quicker to the Flagpole on Brenton point which marks the one hour (give or take) point of the run. I never really got a great rhythm going today (though there were a couple of good stretches), and there were 1/2 dozen or so times when my ankle began moving around, and I was overdressed. However, I had some fight left in the final 1/2 hour which I didn't have last week, and so was able to finish hard. The final time: 2:07:29.

So I feel a little better about things. There is still no room to mess around. Today's run hurt. I couldn't run another 8 miles at that pace right now.

I'll not be running until Tuesday, though I will hit the pool on Monday. And no long run next week.

The numbers:

18 miles.

Terrain: Cement/Asphalt

YTD Mileage: 199.35
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1000.65
M/R (Miles per run avg.): 8.67

Sweat rate numbers of the year.

Starting Weight:166
Finish Weight: 163
Weight of Fluid Consumed: 3

Total fluid loss from activity ~6 pounds.