Saturday, January 21, 2006

Training Log Entry #8

Warm day. Sunny and 50 with a moist stiff breeze (15 mph) from the SSE. I went into the run feeling okay, but not great. Saturday runs are always the hardest for me. However, the pool has much better hours on Sunday, so I did the run today. This was the benchmark run; the first run of any distance with a watch. 10.8 miles (a loop I run frequently), 1:12:38. I was curious to see how that stacked up to previous years. I know overall that's about in the middle of how fast I typically run that loop. I have an old journal in my night stand. I thought it was my 2005 log. Turns out it was my 2004 log; the year I set my 1/2 marathon PR (1:24:49) in March at the New Bedford 1/2 Marathon. My benchmark time then (amazingly run on January 18th), was 1:12:18. My weight was also 165. Today, post run I was 164.5 (167 pre-run). I know in 2004 I overcooked it in the winter. I plateaued two weeks later, and got sick for the last week of Feb. and the first week of March. Hopefully I've learned something since then. Keeping reading and you'll see if I have. 2004 is also best known to me as the year I started the multisport racing season in great form, getting two podiums in my first two races, despite tearing some muscle in my right calf (this would ultimately lead to my ankle injury). I was also bike racing well. Then I rolled my ankle on a training run in early June (I had started running on the outside edge of my right foot to take pressure off the calf...that's not a real stable way to run), and have not been the same since...well until last fall, when I started to finally put things together again. As I said before, let's hope I've learned something.

10.8 miles.

Terrain: Blacktop

YTD Mileage: 57.55
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1142.45