Saturday, January 21, 2006

Family Update

Alexandra occupies most of my home time. The changes are amazing, even to someone who sees her everyday. I can only imagine what those who haven't seen her in a while think. I know it's typical of any proud parent to do this, but I'm going to declare she's smart. I'm not saying the smartest baby ever, how the hell would I knwo that? Frankly I don't even know what it considered "normal" and what is "exceptional" at this stage. All I do know is that she demonstrates more focus and problem solving skills than many adults with whom I work. I'll post some new pictures this weekend so you can see her for yourselves.

Also, I think we have a baby sitter! After a bad run at the end of last year, we got two calls and two candidates, both juniors at Salve Regina, and both of whom showed up on-time for their interviews. Frankly both seemed to be worthy candidates, but we elected to go with the one who will be around this summer as well. Leanna and I felt continuity would be an important thing. The trial run (supervised) is Monday night.

Bentley, other than now being a skinny bastard, has responded well to his new transdermal form of thyroid medication and frankly looks better than he has in years. He's only 10.5 pounds anymore, but personality-wise, he's back to his old self. It's a relief.

Finally, Otis... I really love him, but he's a big baby. I'm considering hiring a dog walker to take him out for a while a couple times a week. He's much less of a pest when he gets outdoor time.

That's the quick update. Time to dress Alexandra and take her and Otis out for some play time before the rain comes.