Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ahoy mates, ready the Ark!

It's wet. I mean wet. I have a pond, not a yard. It's Saturday and I'm stealing a minute to write a little update, and then it's off to the dump. Not much time lately between work and life. My alter ego, the Oracle some call Tim, has yet to emerge from the year 2005.

Alexandra continues to change daily. We play peek-a-boo now, and she's the one saying 'Boo'. This just started earlier this week. She has begun making a real effort to imitate the way we enunciate. On repeated peek-a-boos behind the door she went from 'Buh' to 'Bah' and finally 'Boo'. It's actually more like Bbbboo because she doesn't more her lips. It's really cute. Can 'Goddammit' and 'Kiss my ass' be far behind?

On the running topic, I'm already seeing that people who run for total mileage in a year clearly must be sacrificing quality for the quantity. While I set out to run 1200 miles this year, if I come up short (and I likely will), it's not a big deal. More important to me is running well at the right times. I'm hoping to challenge the 3 hour marathon at Boston in April as well as 1 1/2 hour half-marathon run leg of a 1/2 Iron triathlon.

That's it for now.