Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Training Log Entry #11

Indoor track, 5 miles. 3 x 800m repeats between miles 2 and 4.5. I still hate indoor track.

5 miles

Terrain: Poured Rubber

YTD Mileage: 84.05

MTG (Miles to Goal): 1116.95

Month's summary: So far I'm almost exactly where I was in 2004. It's actually kind of spooky. Hopefully I don't get sick for the next few weeks, and can begin to put in some longer runs. I'm hoping to race a 1/2 marathon at the end of Feb.

Monday, January 30, 2006

The "Freak Out" still takes some getting used to...

Instinct says when your child is screaming bloody murder you should run and intervene. However, instinct is not always right. An overtired child in need of a nap has to be allowed to scream it out, and then she'll sleep (that's what I tell myself anyway). I know it's the right thing to do, but tell that to my nerves.

Did I ever mention that Alexandra, through no prodding of her daddy's, is behaving more and more like an endurance athlete? She continues to run around in the playgroup while the other kids, even the older ones are fading and sitting down (this behavior does, however, result in O.D.S., overtired daughter syndrome). She prefers my water bottle to her sippy cup. Her favorite magazine is "Runner's World", and not just any edition, the edition with Paula Radcliffe on the cover.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Training Log Entry #10

Hilly run in Shelton, CT. Longest run of the year, ~14 miles (mostly sunny, ~50 degrees). Legs felt really strong for January, even though I was a bit sleep deprived. Once again, I think my biggest danger is running too well too soon. I'm cautiously optimistic for the year. Day after, no soreness.

~14 miles

Terrain: Blacktop

YTD Mileage: 79.05

MTG (Miles to Goal): 1120.95

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Training Log Entry #9

Ran at lunch. Sunny, 40s. Very light breeze. 7.5 miles, with miles 3.75-6.75 at tempo pace. Felt good, almost too good for January. I don't want to get too fast too quickly. Two years ago I hit a nasty plateau at the end of January. I think I'll throw in an extra rest day soon (Thurs?) to try and avoid a repeat.

7.5 miles.

Terrain: Blacktop

YTD Mileage: 65.05
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1134.95

(Morning weight 168.5)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Training Log Entry #8

Warm day. Sunny and 50 with a moist stiff breeze (15 mph) from the SSE. I went into the run feeling okay, but not great. Saturday runs are always the hardest for me. However, the pool has much better hours on Sunday, so I did the run today. This was the benchmark run; the first run of any distance with a watch. 10.8 miles (a loop I run frequently), 1:12:38. I was curious to see how that stacked up to previous years. I know overall that's about in the middle of how fast I typically run that loop. I have an old journal in my night stand. I thought it was my 2005 log. Turns out it was my 2004 log; the year I set my 1/2 marathon PR (1:24:49) in March at the New Bedford 1/2 Marathon. My benchmark time then (amazingly run on January 18th), was 1:12:18. My weight was also 165. Today, post run I was 164.5 (167 pre-run). I know in 2004 I overcooked it in the winter. I plateaued two weeks later, and got sick for the last week of Feb. and the first week of March. Hopefully I've learned something since then. Keeping reading and you'll see if I have. 2004 is also best known to me as the year I started the multisport racing season in great form, getting two podiums in my first two races, despite tearing some muscle in my right calf (this would ultimately lead to my ankle injury). I was also bike racing well. Then I rolled my ankle on a training run in early June (I had started running on the outside edge of my right foot to take pressure off the calf...that's not a real stable way to run), and have not been the same since...well until last fall, when I started to finally put things together again. As I said before, let's hope I've learned something.

10.8 miles.

Terrain: Blacktop

YTD Mileage: 57.55
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1142.45

Moral Dilemma of my own

Seeing Alexandra running around dancing is really great. However, last night at tubby time she was running around, dancing, and taking off her clothes to Johnny Kemp's "Just Got Paid." It dawned on me, as cute as it is now, should I be encouraging this?

(Don't worry, there wasn't a pole involved!)

Family Update

Alexandra occupies most of my home time. The changes are amazing, even to someone who sees her everyday. I can only imagine what those who haven't seen her in a while think. I know it's typical of any proud parent to do this, but I'm going to declare she's smart. I'm not saying the smartest baby ever, how the hell would I knwo that? Frankly I don't even know what it considered "normal" and what is "exceptional" at this stage. All I do know is that she demonstrates more focus and problem solving skills than many adults with whom I work. I'll post some new pictures this weekend so you can see her for yourselves.

Also, I think we have a baby sitter! After a bad run at the end of last year, we got two calls and two candidates, both juniors at Salve Regina, and both of whom showed up on-time for their interviews. Frankly both seemed to be worthy candidates, but we elected to go with the one who will be around this summer as well. Leanna and I felt continuity would be an important thing. The trial run (supervised) is Monday night.

Bentley, other than now being a skinny bastard, has responded well to his new transdermal form of thyroid medication and frankly looks better than he has in years. He's only 10.5 pounds anymore, but personality-wise, he's back to his old self. It's a relief.

Finally, Otis... I really love him, but he's a big baby. I'm considering hiring a dog walker to take him out for a while a couple times a week. He's much less of a pest when he gets outdoor time.

That's the quick update. Time to dress Alexandra and take her and Otis out for some play time before the rain comes.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Training Log Entry #7

Breezy run. Mid-morning. I was tired and stressed from work, so it was again quite sloooowww... Still some lingering soreness in the left hammy from the fast pieces of running on the treadmill sunday (3-4 minutes at 5:42 a mile, and another 4 minutes at 6:00 a mile).

~4.8 miles (Still haven't measured the beach section).

Terrain: Sand (beach) and Trail

YTD Mileage: 46.75
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1153.25

Monday, January 16, 2006

Training Log Entry #6

Warm, smelly run. An hour indoors on a treadmill. In the heirarchy of tedium, the treadmill still is not as bad as an indoor track. This is likely due to all the people and also having to concentrate so you don't fly off the back.

It was 9 F this morning, and the wind was blowing 15 - 20 mph, so I moved the run indoors. It warmed up during the day, but the wind persisted, and having been pelted by sand enough for a lifetime, I figured discretion was the better part of valor. Hey, the treadmill was invented for a reason.

8.7 miles


YTD Mileage: 41.95
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1158.05

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ahoy mates, ready the Ark!

It's wet. I mean wet. I have a pond, not a yard. It's Saturday and I'm stealing a minute to write a little update, and then it's off to the dump. Not much time lately between work and life. My alter ego, the Oracle some call Tim, has yet to emerge from the year 2005.

Alexandra continues to change daily. We play peek-a-boo now, and she's the one saying 'Boo'. This just started earlier this week. She has begun making a real effort to imitate the way we enunciate. On repeated peek-a-boos behind the door she went from 'Buh' to 'Bah' and finally 'Boo'. It's actually more like Bbbboo because she doesn't more her lips. It's really cute. Can 'Goddammit' and 'Kiss my ass' be far behind?

On the running topic, I'm already seeing that people who run for total mileage in a year clearly must be sacrificing quality for the quantity. While I set out to run 1200 miles this year, if I come up short (and I likely will), it's not a big deal. More important to me is running well at the right times. I'm hoping to challenge the 3 hour marathon at Boston in April as well as 1 1/2 hour half-marathon run leg of a 1/2 Iron triathlon.

That's it for now.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Training Log Entry #5

Lunch run. Lower to Mid 50s. Dry pavement. One respectable hill. ~ 7 miles. Maybe not the better, but I'm running at least as well as I have in mid-January. Now if I can just keep from getting hurt or burning out...

7.0 miles

Terrain: Blacktop w/short stretches of dirt and grass.

YTD Mileage: 33.25
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1166.75

Monday, January 09, 2006

Training Log Entry #4

Ran at lunch today. Second 1/2 I actually started feeling good. 50% was dry pavement, 50% snow/slush/water. Air ~ 52 degrees. Hadn't planned on running today, but hey when you get a sunny, 50+ degree day in January, you take it.

7.5 miles

Terrain: Blacktop and wet snow.

YTD Mileage: 26.25
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1173.75

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Training Log Entry #3

Chilly run. Late day Sun. I was tired and sore from Thursday, so it was quite sloooowww...

~7 miles (I need to measure the beach section).

Terrain: Sand (beach) and Trail

YTD Mileage: 18.75
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1181.25

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Training Log Entry #2

5 mile run today at the indoor track on the URI campus. That's 5 miles on a 200m track. That's 40 laps. This was a mental workout as much as anything. Mile 2 had 8 x 50m accelerations and miles 3 and 4 had progressive buildups in speed every 400m to the 1200m point, with a cool down for the final 400m.

Interesting note, to me anyway. Have you ever watched track on TV? It's pretty impressive how fast they run, but let me tell you, it's nothing like seeing it in person. As I worked out on the track, a few of the URI sprinters were practicing starts and doing strides on the track. This one guy in particular was amazing. His leg turnover was a blur, a literal blur. To paraphrase my freshman rowing coach Sid Burke, "I started thinking you guys look pretty good, and then the Varsity rowed by and I remembered what real rowing looks like." Today I was reminded what real running looks like. Wow.

5 miles with some light speed.

Clear, calm, very dry ~75 degrees.

YTD Mileage: 11.75
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1188.25

Monday, January 02, 2006

Training Log Entry #1

This is the first in what I hope is a very consistent set of running log entries. I'm shooting for what would be a very modest annual total for serious runners, 1200 miles (pure runners regularly set goals of 2K miles and up). I've never maintained the kind of consistency running or logging my runs to accomplish either the mileage goal or proof that I did, so this will be a challenge. It's ~23 miles per week average. That's 23 miles, every week, all year. As I plan to have weeks off and vacation time, it's actually a higher average per week running. So here it is, run #1 of 2006:

Easy run 6.75 miles.

Clear, calm ~40 degrees.
Didn't really feel like running today, but it went okay.

YTD Mileage: 6.75
MTG (Miles to Goal): 1193.25