Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday is Daddy Day.

Alexandra and I are hangin' out today while Leanna finishes up her Christmas shopping. She's becoming quite the little girl. She knows what she wants and is very determined to get it. The first volleys in our life long battle of wills have been fired! Daddy has the upper hand right now, but it's almost as if she knows someday that will change.

Alexandra is growing up quickly. It's relieved me to see that she's pretty resilient. Gets hit in the head by a falling hair-dryer, gets upset for just a moment and then moves on. She's also becoming quite accomplished at getting her hands out when she falls. Good thing too, because she's really pushing her limits to develop her running capacity. Yeah, you're right, Daddy's already imagining runs with his daughter, cheering her at track meets or cross-country meets, etc... She seems to have attributes which would be good for gymnastics as well (I guess most little kids do), but after seeing the elite gymnasts and hearing the stories of broken bones, stress fractures, etc... I'm not sure if I want to see her go that route.

She loves her books as well. Recently she's graduated from her board books to a beginning astronomy book we have on the coffee table. She likes the pictures fo stars, constellations, and nebulas.

Well, gotta run. We're off to do some shopping of our own. Happy weekend!