Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fast Aging

Contrary to popular myth, the aging process is not just some slow slide. In fact there are times when if comes at you quite quickly. Being a first time parent, all parental experiences, even minor ones, are new and can be traumatic. Monday was such an experience. It was Alexandra's first E.R. trip and overnight in the hospital (for observation). She has croup. Apparently most of Newport/Middletown has croup. Everyone is fine now, but when it was happening I had no idea what was going on. You always fear the worst, and of course I spent a good day or more blaming myself (we were VERY active outside the previous day). The image of your daughter in an oxygen tent is not pleasant. I looked like hell by Tues. and still don't look so hot. The crabby guy at the liquor store didn't even card me. This is serious. I'm hoping some vacation time can reverse the aging process, but as it is with family, I doubt it.