Saturday, October 01, 2005

Training summary: week of Oct.1

Sunday: ~8.5 miles
Monday: Pool (250 yd warm-up, 5 x 100 yds on 1:40., 250 yd warm-down), Was in a pissy mood today, but the swim was okay.
Tues: 7.5 mile run, fartlek (random accelerations, whenever I felt like it). Probably 5 total between 30 sec and 2 minutes, feeling a bit better
Weds: 6 miles on groomed trails, pretty easy with one 3 minute interval at the end.
Thurs: Rest day, Feeling much better than Monday.
Fri: 3.6 miles easy on trails, high turnover drills (baby stepping).
Sat: Undecided if I'm running today. I'm not in R.I. so I'd run by time, about 1 hour 45 min. If not today I'll do that run tomorrow.

I'd call my prep for the Cape Cod Marathon pretty good so far. My final time trial will be Oct. 16, two weeks before the race (on the 18 mile Ocean Drive loop). After that, not planned to be a P.R. effort (too taxing), I'll be better able to set my race day goal. I've run the course twice and been in the 3:09-3:10 area both times. However, to date this is the best run-up I've had, so if things stay on track (so far my ankle is behaving), I think a 3:05 may be a in the cards.

**Update** I passed on the run Saturday in favor of a run Sunday. Instead I "broke training" and absolutely stuffed my face with salad, garlic bread, great pizza and red wine. Sunday morning I hit the road for a 13.5 - 14 mile hilly run. I powered through in 1:32 (this is usually a 1:40+, and is only run when preparing for a marathon). I really don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm getting fast (for me).