Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rain out

No, not game 4 of the Yankees/Angels series, but the 1/2 marathon. Technically it's still on I believe, but I drove the course this morning to confirm what I suspected. The roads near the beach are susceptible to flooding, and the downpours of the last two days, and especially last night, have left a 100 yard stretch of the course under water. Big deal, right? Well the course is an out and back and you run this stretch twice, at mile 4 and mile 10 (it's not a perfect out and back so try not to get hung up on the numbers). This stretch is dangerous even in dry weather because the pavement contains numerous potholes from all the flooding. With it under water, you ccan't see the potholes coming.

Running the race with soaked shoes isn't the type of tune-up I'm looking for. In place of the race I'm going to do a final time trial on the Ocean drive loop either today or more likely tomorrow morning. I'm not going to set out looking for a PR (yeah right!), but I do think a 2:07:00 is in the cards. Maybe a 2:05?

A note to the Knights of the Round Bottoms: Beware the lure of things long foresaken. No good will come of it. Last night I had a dinner of Filet Mignon for the first time in years I believe, and I spent the rest of the night with terrible indigestion. Apparently large quantities of bloody red meat have become inimical to my digestive system.

** Update ** Monday morning I ran my 18 mile time trial. I tried to imitate race day prep (poor sleep, constipation, fight with spouse), and I then run a good time. Weather was overcast/drizzly and the temperature was in the lower 50s. These are nearly ideal conditions for me. My time: 2:04:03. (A new P.R. by a bit...)