Friday, October 07, 2005

Okay, this blog's gotten a bit boring.

There is an explanation: I'm too lazy to keep a second blog for my training log (I've tried this before). I fully understand that almost nobody, perhaps nobody, who reads this blog really cares about my weekly mileage totals or if I've chafed. Oddly, I think some would find interest in bloody nipple talk, unfortunately I haven't had any in a while (remember the "NipGuards").

Between reminiscing about Russia, and running, I really haven't had too much going on in my life. (FYI, today is THE DAY last year we took Alexandra into our care and began that multiday voyage back to the western world.)

I'll wax a little philosophical for a moment. "Why do I run?" "Why do I race?" "Why do you fart?" Well, because you have to. Racing for me is a metaphor for my life, at least what I'd like life to be:
- Striving to be better today than you were yesterday.
- Striving to be better tomorrow than you were today.
- Not accepting perceived limitations.
There is a pretty strong correlation between how hard and intelligently you prepare, and how well you do. It also teaches you to not just cope, but to grow from the experience of disappointment and defeat (a skill definitely lacking in many people in my opinion).

Thinking back on my long history of athletic pursuits, the most intense emotional moments came, not when I won a race, but when I first realized I would win. I didn't matter if it was running or cycling or rowing, the sensation was the same: All at once it hits you, "Holy Shit, I'm really going to WIN?!!" There's nothing like it. It's the strongest affirmation and addiction I've ever found.