Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's over

I'd call it a good day. I didn't feel great. I'm pretty sure my peak was a couple of weeks ago. Every mile seemed like work today. When you're on a peak, you hit points where you just "roll" along.

Anyway, it was my best time on this course, ~3:06, making it my second fastest marathon ever, and my fastest since 1998.

The weather was deceptively tough. Not a cloud in the sky, 45 degrees at the start. By the finish the temperature was in the 60s. It was also breezy at the start, and the relative humidity was a measly 41% (that's incredibly low for the Cape).

The bottom line is I got a bit dehydrated, and the sparse aid stations at this race (every 2.5 miles instead of the usual 1 mile typically seen at marathons) which served Cytomax (nasty) instead of my typical Gatorade Endurance Formula, didn't quite cut it. I'm a VERY salty sweater and I got sodium low today. This led to my fighting a left hamstring cramp from mile 15 on.

This marathon is the only race where I've hallucinated due to dehydration and exhaustion. It didn't happen today, but it was in my mind. It happened on a day with very similar conditions to today (a little warmer).

Funny story: I'm going to change into my street clothes and head home. I see there is NO line at the massage tables (this is a rarity). I decide to go get a quick leg massage for my sore left leg. As I'm climbing on the table I get a nasty calf cramp. The masseuse refuses to work on me until I go to the aid station. "Are you cold? Are you shaking?" "I'm fine. I know what I'm doing. It was a one time twinge, no big deal." No dice. So I get stuck in the medical room for 1/2 hour with warmed wash clothes on my calves drinking apple cider. Finally they let me leave (even they were joking that I wasn't in bad shape, but they had a protocol to follow) and I get my massage. (Trust me it was funny at the time.)

I've raced this three times and ended up in medical twice. Maybe next year I'll run the NYC marathon instead. This one seems to have some bad Jujube.

Splits will be posted later. Pretty consistent to mile 20. Not so good for the last 10K.

Official Finish: 69th overall out of 976 finishers, 36th out of 275 in open men.
Official Time: 3:06:01
10 Mile Split: ~1:10:25
20 Mile Split: ~2:20:50

Incredibly consistent through 20 miles (without wearing a watch or getting time updates). I think I'm close to a break through marathon run (the elusive 3:00 maybe).

And I verified that I pissed away a 3:05 marathon during the last mile. I surrendered 45 seconds during the final run into town and the finish.