Thursday, October 06, 2005

Excuses, excuses

I went to the URI track today to run repeat 400s. The plan was to do 8 (one lap fast, one jog...repeat). It's a 2 mile warm-up jog over, and 2 miles back. That would make an 8 mile run with 2 miles done a high speed (if I've lost you here, just trust me that it's right). After repeat number 5 I called it a day and jogged home. I felt a slight twinge in my right hamstring. I figured it was the hard turns to the left which were to blame.

On the jog home I questioned whether I was bagging because I was truly worried about lingering injury, or just because if hurt. Make no mistake, even at only 1:20 per 400, 400s hurt. Was I being cautious or a puss?

This is a common theme in life, and the best one can do is to allow the behavioral trend to be the arbiter of the situation. If the trend is for not cutting corners, then perhaps it's just caution, but once a puss, always a puss...

**Update** Here's the deal: It's really easy to begin a gradual slide by rationalizing a break here, a day off there. If you've noticed I've been using this blog in part as a training log. In reviewing my mileage I've noticed a decline over the last few weeks. I haven't hit 40 miles in a while. Stress and fatigue from training frequently feel the same, and the only way to tell the difference is by getting out for an easy run. If it's stress I'll start to feel better as the run goes on and I loosen up. If it's overtraining, I never start to feel better. I'm going out for a run today: 7.5 miles flat, very easy, and steady (no drills). I decided this morning that I'm going to run the Newport YMCA 1/2 Marathon on Sunday because it will get the intensity back and get me concentrating on racing again. Hopefully then, the last three weeks before Cape Cod should be pretty focused. My biggest challenge right now is picking goals for Sunday. I'm thinking 1:27:00 total (P.R. is about 1:24:00), reasonably fast final 5K (6:30ish per mile), with a 4 mile warm-down after the race (will give me my total mileage goal of 18 miles for the day including warm-up). 100% of the race is held on my training roads, making it extremely easy to go fast if I'm feeling good. I know every step of the course cold. It'll be hard to hold back if I'm on a good day, so stay tuned. I just don't want to be stupid and overcook myself.