Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Alexandra Update

I don't want readers to get the impression that she is no longer the number one interest in my life, so I felt it was time to post a formal update.

We took Alexandra to the pediatrician a week ago. We waited a long time. We waited through Alexandra's lunchtime. She began to have a fit (wouldn't you?). The doctor finally arrived, noticed the fit, and commented how she must be nearing her terrible twos because she's having a meltdown. Well actually she was starving and so was I. I damn near had my own meltdown. He then went through a list of skills like waving, walking, skipping rope, speaking in tongues, you know the usual kid stuff, and when we replied she wasn't doing everything fulltime yet, he seemed to look concerned. Okay by this point I'm also feeling like a bad daddy for not making sure she had all these skills. In the next breath he tells us we can't get hung up on her doing certain things at certain times. Okay make up your mind...

So as we're leaving (and after two shots!) he says that by her two year check-up he'd like to see her able to communicate her desires (in farsi I think). Hey, isn't that learning to communicate thing what the terrible twos are about?

So long story short, in the week since she is walking, waving, dancing, etc... I also think I saw her a few chapters into my differential calculus workbook. However, while it might not be considered proper parenting, I have thought about teaching her one additional skill for her two year check-up. Next time we wait an hour and a half and miss lunch, I think I'll have Alexandra flip the doctor the bird! "How's that for communicating!"