Saturday, September 24, 2005

Training summary: week of Sept. 24

Sunday: ~18 miles (max. effort for that distance), 2:07:59
Monday: Rest day (quads feeling sore, a result of form breakdown at end of Sunday run)
Tues: 5.5 mile run, short intervals (5 x 45 sec at 5K pace/15 sec light jog x 2), focus on turnover
Weds: Pool (250 yd warm-up, 15 x 50 yds on 50 sec., 250 yd warm-down), first pool workout in a while so this was tough
Thurs: Rest day (still a little sore and tired, I knew I'd pay for Sunday)
Fri: 7.5 mile steady/easy, focus on form (One big climb).
Sat: Walking (Apple picking) with Alexandra in backpack. Left hamstring a little sore, but quads finally recovering