Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Points system?

Here's one for the Political Science majors out there.

The U.S. seems to spend so much time trying to show other people the "right" way of democracy, also known as our way, that we miss the flaws in our own system. I think there is enough of a body of evidence concerning our electoral process to determine that public office is more often than not won by the biggest suck-up douche bag. This is not a Republican bash, actually far from it. Both parties are guilty. Think back to our last election: Bush or Kerry. Now how in the hell did we get stuck with that choice? The Sh-t Sandwich or the Turd Burger.

I think the problem lies in the basic premise that the founding fathers really had a clue what they were doing. When was the last time you belonged to any club or organization, which when tasked with defining it's own leadership structure, didn't bung the whole thing up?

Thus I propose a system similar to professional cycling, tennis, golf or NASCAR, any number of sports really; a points system. You earn so many points for actions towards the greater good, and lose points for, well being a douche bag. Every four years the leader in the points ranking becomes President. Okay, so many details need to be worked out, but hey it's a start. It puts the emphasis on deeds and spreads the selection process out over an extended period eliminating the "impulse purchase" of a President.