Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just returned from an alternate Universe

Orange Izods, collars upturned.
Pink Pants.
A shade of green named...Kelly.
A shade of red which is anything but...
Biffs, Tads, Buffys and Hillarys.
...and lots and lots of Nannys.

Yes folks, I've returned from Nantucket. Leanna, Alexandra and I spent 6 days and nights on the little island off Cape Cod. It was the first vacation with just the three of us. No family allowed. We left the car on the mainland. We celebrated the one year anniversary of our first trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. We went to the beach. We walked, and walked and walked. The food is pretty average and pretty expensive, but we still ate a lot and often. It was a good week.

I actually have a lot of stories from the trip and will write more later. However I want to tell one now. It's the story of the "Jittery Lady." (aka "Tweek" from "South Park")

I was in line at a coffee shop called "The Bean." I noticed a woman in line ahead of me. At first she just seemed impatient, but it was more than that. She couldn't hold still. She went to pick up a paper from a pile, and knocked 1/2 the pile over. She was shaking like a crack head looking for a hit. She ordered a large ice coffee, and a large hot coffee with a shot of espresso added.

They were both for her.