Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Joel's Book Club

As per usual, when I go on vacation I rediscover reading (actually I started a few weeks before vacation this year). This year the select was "Lance Armstrong's War" by Daniel Coyle. If you follow professional cycling at all, even just the Tour de France, read this book. It's a fascinating study of the culture and the cyclists involved. He profiles Armstrong's major rivals as well as one of his more colorful (now ex-) teammates, Floyd Landis. The theme of doping plays throughout, though it is not a book about doping. In the end I found something very interesting. Given the inside look we get a Armstrong, it's actually far easier for me to separate Armstrong the activist from Armstrong the cyclist (who really seems to be kind of an a-hole). If at some future date he was proven to have used EPO or steroids for performance gain, it would not affect my opinion of him as the activist. I'd continue to donate to his foundation.