Monday, September 26, 2005

Is man evolving?

We've made unthinkable strides in technology since my birth almost 40 years ago. Billions of dollars can now be made or lost in milliseconds. Instead of nightly or weekly updates on the war in Vietnam ("in the News"), I can get real-time streaming video from the battle fields. Can the "bomber" cam be far behind?

Evolution takes a lot of time apparently, because in my lifetime I haven't seen any. Repeating a behavior over and over allows one to become more proficient. Learning new things takes time and may take longer. All the emphasis is put on the speed one completes a task, not in how the task is completed. We are not evolving, we are just getting better at our flawed behavior. Evolution is about moving towards a "higher" existence. Think back on your last twenty years. As a species, have we improved our state or merely made lateral moves; circumstances are different but not really better.

Man's current behavior seems pointed towards extinction. With the emphasis on speed, are we not encouraging the imminence of our end? Perhaps we need to encourage creativity and free thought, even if in the short term things take a little longer or cost a little more or result in a little less profit. Let's focus on moving up, even slowly, instead of moving down quickly.