Sunday, September 04, 2005

And now a word about coffee.

If you find yourself traveling the globe or traveling Rhode Island, here are a couple of pointers I've picked up along the way.

When overseas I found that the Russians made some darn good coffee, but be warned, it's STRONG! The German's don't know what good coffee is. Stick to the beer. The italians are excellent with espresso based drinks. Avoid "American coffee." (The Lite Beer of coffee)

In Rhode Island it's gotten much harder to find a consistently good coffee or espresso based drink. I've had to resort to learning the work schedules of different skilled baristas around the state. Hands down the finest is Maureen at Dave's in Charlestown. Consistently the best latte I've had since Florence. Two notes: Maureen does not work weekends, and she's not super speedy. It's really worth the wait. You don't rush excellence. Dave's uses beans from Majik Coffee in N. Kingstown, which gets great reviews but honestly I've never been there.

Last night I had a very good double Cappuccino in Newport. I got it at a new place, Robe Dolce, which in general has been very disappointing. I just go there because of the atmosphere. Anyway, the girl who prepared my Cappuccino did an excellent job. It was a treat. By the way she had an eastern European accent, Russian maybe?!

Finding art in Florence. Posted by Picasa