Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And now back to our regular programming...

I have bad days running. Yes, my bad days are as bad as your bad days. I might be a little faster than you most times, but I ache and struggle and sometimes consider stopping. The biggest edge my experience gives me is knowing how to adjust my goals for the workout, and the workout itself, in order to still find something of value. Sunday was just such a day. I started out fine, but within a couple of miles "the wheels started falling off." I had planned to run 11 miles at 1/2 marathon pace (currently about 6:45 per mile), but that wasn't happening. At mile 3 I started walking.

I wasn't throwing in the towel, however, but rather than try again to run long and somewhat quickly, I changed to a shorter run, focusing on leg turnover instead of speed, and attempted to find a rhythm. I did so because my experience has taught me that if it isn't there by three miles, it's not showing up today. I threw in two more walk breaks during the run and covered 8.5 miles. By the end I had found my rhythm, and was feeling better than I had a when I started.

What's the lesson here?

When things aren't going as planned, just re-evaluate your situation. Instead of continuing to try and do something that isn't working (beating a dead horse, the definition of insanity, etc...), even if it has worked in the past, adjust your goals and try to make something out of your situation, even if it isn't the something you had originally planned.

Making something out of nothing can be very rewarding, possibly more rewarding than achieving your original goal.