Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Somehow this just seems wrong...

I mean, running is one of those things you just started doing when you were a toddler. It's something I've done competitively most of my life. So why is it that I have to re-learn how to run?

Chalk it up to age, not in the "I'm fart'n dust" manner, but in the "these tires got 75,000 miles on them" way. The old running stride has finally come to an end. After repeated right ankle sprains, and finally some in-depth analysis informing me that my right leg is shorter than my left (did I really look like I was leaning sideways?) it has become time to alter how I run. I experience much less impact and wear and tear when I shorten up my stride about 6 inches and run with a lift placed in my right shoe. Yes, I'm heightening. "Okay, no big deal right?" Wrong. Try changing a habit formed over 39 years. I feel like I'm taking baby steps, and god am I slow. The thing is, to run fast with a shorter stride, you have to take A LOT more steps. Well, after said 39 years (yes that means I'm going to be 40 next year, you happy?!) I'm so used to my running rhythm (known as turnover), that I'm really slowing down. I have to work at running with a greater turnover just to be as fast as I was. Hey, enough with comments, it's a lot harder than you think.

Truly it's like that which Tiger Woods has experienced the last few years "reinventing his swing." Okay, I know, except for the money, the clothing line, the fact that he makes more declining to play a tournament than I make in a year, and the fame, the major championships, yada yada yada, except for those little things, it's exactly the same thing. In short it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Actually I think I'm beginning to climb out of the bottom right now, so there is hope. And there is a positive side: I haven't aggravated my right ankle in 5 runs. That's the best I've done since last June!