Sunday, April 17, 2005

Various Updates

- 29 hours until the start of the Boston Marathon. I'm very relaxed about it. I'm not currently on my mad quest for sub 3:00. That may resume later this year or next.

- I rode a bike race yesterday and feel damn good! No point looking in the results. You'd see me well back at the finish. I ride on a team and my job was to chase everyone who tried to escape from the field so our team's sprinters could go for the win at the end. Another teammate and I were able to ride down all challengers who were insolent enough to try and get away. Our sprinters took 5th and 6th, so it was a pretty good day.

- Alexandra just cracks me up these days. This morning I've nicknamed her "Miss Chievous" because she's getting into everything she knows she's not supposed to get into. When I stop her and tell her "no", she starts in with a big line of babble. I'm sure it's baby talk for some excuse! She's also stamping her hands as she crawls. Oddly reminiscent of her grandma stamping her feet as she walks around the house (my in-laws are here this weekend)!

- For those of you who think blogs are just on-line babble, here's a tidbit I learned. I read an entry on a "linked blog once removed" which discussed using Electrosol powder to remove tea stains from a mug. I tried it (Sunlight actually) to remove coffee stains from my coffee carafe. Worked like a charm. Mmmmm, coffee's good this morning. Thanks, Jen.

Finally, I've got some material for an upcoming essay. I'm thinking I'll get the idea on e-Paper this tuesday.

Have a pleasant weekend.