Saturday, March 12, 2005

Been a while...

Apparently missed days of blogging add up as quickly as missed days of workouts. Plenty going on around here. Leanna, Alexandra and I had our first follow-up with Shelley, the social worker who conducted our homestudy. I can honestly say that it was the first time in this whole adoption process that I did not feel the least bit of anxiety. One look at Alexandra and you know we live in a wonderful, loving home. As for Shelley, it felt more like going to visit one of our friends. We're that comfortable with her.

Of course, the day before the trip was entertaining. Alexandra is so eager to start doing this "walking thing," that she took a number of diggers onto the hardwood floors. She's really determined, though. Sure there were a couple of tears, but they were equalled if not exceeded by the sounds of frustration. After each fall, Alexandra picked herself back up and tried again. As for me, I recall thinking, "oh great, we're going to visit Shelley tomorrow and the "A" train's (nickname: don't get in her way when she's coming through!) going to be all covered in bruises!" Hopefully as parents we can foster that dogged determination, because that will serve her well in life.

She's got a little cold right now, as does Leanna, so it's another "Super Dad" weekend. If you've read the entry "Home Alone" you'll know what happens when I have no responsibility. Hey, there's a time for each, and I'm excited to be the "Super Dad" this weekend.

Alexandra's 1st Birthday is only a week away, and the excitement is building. More to follow on this.

One last note: The weather still stinks. Rain/Snow/Ice/Rain/Snow/Snow/Slush/Ice/Rain and plenty of wind. It took some of my co-workers 2 hours to get home last night (35 min. drive). Apparently the road crews have had enough of this weather as well. They seemed to take a pass yesterday. I took a longer but not well known route through the turf farms and made it in 45 min. Not too shabby!