Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Spam, wonderful spam!

I guess most people are still generally annoyed by spam e-mails. I'm starting to change my opinion, however. I'm starting to appreciate the entertainment value of the latest generation of spam, those designed to get past filter software. This change of heart started with an e-mail whose subject line read, "Honourable Winner / Urgent Reply!" The last time I was an honourable winner was at the #1 Buffet (now closed, something about missing cats).

Then it hits me, "That's it! The fortune cookie people are behind the latest spam campaign!" Sound far fetched? Did you see Barry Gordie's (Motown, pre-Mariah "homewrecker" Carey) "The Last Dragon"? Bruce Leroy goes looking for "the Master," the wiseman behind the sayings in the fortune cookies. What he discovers is that the Master is a machine....a computer? Hmmm, I don't sound so crazy now, do I?!

By the way, did you know Dr. Scholl's now makes vibrators? It's true.