Saturday, February 26, 2005

I've become one of them...

You know, that guy at work with the pictures of his kids on his desk, pictures of his kids on his computer, drawings pinned up on the bulletin board.

The transformation has surprised me. I have no regrets.

It hit me last night. I was at a restaurant waiting for my friend Austin to show. I picked up the menu and saw the "kids menu." It depicted a little plate of spaghetti. It made me smile. I started thinking of my favorite childhood book: "Bread and Jam for Frances."

I'm very happy being a dad, and truly realize that part of being a dad is being able to laugh at myself. Everybody else does, why should I be left out! Here are two of my more ridiculous "new parent" thoughts:

1) Friends told Leanna and I that they would puree fresh bananas for their daughter to eat. I remember thinking "is it okay to do that?" Can an infant eat real food?
2) One night I gave Alexandra a bottle just before putting her to bed. She was falling asleep in my arms and I couldn't get her to burp. I was up all night worried that she would be harmed because she hadn't burped.

Racing will be interesting this year, I'm not sure if I will be fast or slow, competitive or passive. I do know that once I'm across the finish line I'll be able to put the race, good or bad, behind me very quickly.