Friday, January 14, 2005

"What's the deal with diapers?"

I was shopping for a bag of "swimmies" yesterday. It's astonishing just how many specialty diapers there are. Diapers for crawling, walking, swimming, daytime, nighttime, etc...

To me the most amazing diapers were those which made the child feel wet. New Pampers Feel 'n Learn Advanced Trainers™ are the only training pant with the Wet Sensation Liner™ .

After all the years spent building the dryest, most foolproof diapers, why now they are reversing direction? My (conspiracy) theory: someone at P&G found a warehouse loaded with tons of old first generation Pampers, and a clever marketing guy concocted this as a way to sell them as new.

Finally, any Sesame Street fans out there? I've never taken well to how Elmo stuck it to Grover and took all his props. Even in diapers (see picture). Damn, that's cold.