Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Little things can help you break out of the doldrums

For a while now I haven't been able to get motivated for much of anything really. I take great pride in being a very good triathlete, and my successes have always come about as a result of doing the hard work during the winter months. If you've read anything else on this blog, you know I now have a distraction in my life that has never before existed. But that's no excuse, so don't think I'll resort to blaming Alexandra.

No, I've just been lazy, that is until last week. Last week I resorted to the last "trick" I had in my bag; an infatuation with new "toys." In my case I mounted a new (to me anyway) Campagnolo Record crankset and matching bottom bracket on my road bike. Campagnolo is to bicycles as Apple is to computers. They are functional and beautiful. They inspire more than Shimano, which may perform equally well, but has none of the charm. It worked. My friend Austin is a born again Apple faithful. I'm not born again with Campy, I've just refound my faith. The first night with the new parts I put in 65 quality minutes on my trainer. They are so smooth, so perfect. Not impressed? You try riding that long in a semi-lit 50 degree cellar next to the cat's litterbox.

It's love I tell you.