Monday, December 27, 2004

Making up for lost time.

My last real post was eons ago. Since that time:

- We've made sure Alexandra can't end up in (catholic) limbo.
- Introduced her to her male cousins. **Note, despite her diminuitive stature, she clearly rules the clan.
- Was reminded that the Northeast is not the midwest. Ever been to a Cabela's? Everything can either kill something, or was once living. When's the last time you dressed your child in camo and gave him/her a "Hunter Dan" doll?
- Heard "I never get to see my granddaughter," from my mother-in-law.
- (repeat previous item 100x) .
**Note, she's never gone more than 2 weeks without seeing her.**
-I've gained 8 pounds, nearly an all-time high at 173.5. Time to get it in gear.
- Visited Alexandra's friend from the baby home, Peter. He lives with our friends Paul and Carol in Ma.

So not too much has happened. I still love being a dad. I'm away from Leanna and Alexandra for the first time. It sucks.