Thursday, November 04, 2004

When did you first notice time creeping past?

I'm so tired I can't remember my own name. It's not from lack of sleep, it's from a lack of any mental downtime. Alexandra is fantastic, but even so there is never a moment when some part of my consciousness (or unconsciousness) is focused on her. Now that she's ready to crawl, my house seems like a death trap. Everything it seems is a "choking hazard."

Anyway, I digress. What I meant to write about was events from what seems like a lifetime ago: my days as a rowing coach at Pitt. It really hit me that that was a long time ago when I found I couldn't remember the names of people in one of my boats. And not just any boat, but a Dad Vail medallist (for you non-rowers, that's the year end championship race for smaller programs). I'm not even sure of the color of the medal they won! I remember all of my early rowers, even the women who thought I always liked the men's team better. Here's the honest truth: I did not like them better, I was just more comfortable with them. I coached from age 22 - 28. I was barely older than most of them, and in fact younger than some.

I'm 38 now and hopefully a little more wise, if also more forgetful. I'm still young, but darn tired. I've reconnected with some of the team through a Pitt rowing alumni message board. However two questions still remain: Who was in my Novice Men's 4+ in 1992, and what color was the medal?