Wednesday, November 03, 2004

That was different

I'm definitely not the athlete I once was. Cape Cod was a very different experience from any marathon I've ever run. I went out at what I felt was a sustainable pace, one which would give me a shot of running my target time. I hit the 1/2 way point in 1:34:30, my slowest first half of a marathon ever. If I stayed true to my form from every other marathon, I'd fade about 7 minutes on the harder, second half of the course and finish in 3:15:00, my goal time.

The second 1/2 was not a 1:41, not even close. Instead I rolled home in a 1:34:12, for a total time of 3:08:42, good enough for 57th place (out of 920) and my third fastest time ever. But the real surprise came the next morning when I felt no leg, especially quadriceps, soreness. Sure I was tired, but everything felt great. Believe me that's never happened before.

Okay I'm done patting myself on the back. In the end, it demonstrated to me that being a dad won't end my racing career. It might even enhance it, after all I had a great Halloween with Leanna and Alexandra!

Place Div/Tot Name Div City St Nettime Guntime
57 25/239 Joel Kehm M1439 Middletown RI 3:08:42 3:08:47

2004 Cape Cod Marathon Results