Thursday, November 11, 2004

One person's Holiday...

Okay, so I'm home today. My company gives us Veteran's day off. Time to just "screw off" right? Well no. Holiday for daddy, means day off for mommy and daddy get's to watch Alexandra. Of course Leanna will read this and think I'm complaining, but I'm not. It's been almost two weeks since I got to spend the whole day with my little peanut. However, I am interested in seeing how she takes to my "day off" routine (within reason). I get up, make my coffee, read e-mail, watch SportCenter. Sometime late morning I go for a run (it'll be with the jogging stroller of course). I come back and find some food. Later I'll meet my friend Austin (a.k.a. the only person who comments on these posts) for coffee. I figure Alexandra will go to sleep on the run, and then nap for a bit after we get back. When she wakes up she'll need feeding, so coffee will most likely be after that, about 2:00pm.

Sounds like a plan, right? I'll post the results later on. Wish me luck!

Update: 7:48 PM
Ouch...4.3 very slow hard miles. Alexandra went out like a light about two steps off the driveway. I read an article by Kristin Armstrong in Runner's World that she'll go out with a triple jogger. Wow. Lance wasn't the only stud in that marriage.

Do you believe in Karma, Jujube, what have you? I was setting up a spreadsheet today to begin work on my Ironman training plan. I labeled the first column with today's date. I labeled the subsequent columns with tomorrow, the next day, etc... Excel has a limit on how many columns you may have. So what was the date on the last column? July 24, 2005 ... Race day!

PS: Leanna took over at 2:00 today, so I met Austin and ran errands the rest of the day.