Sunday, November 14, 2004

Alexandra's first night on the town.

The three of us went out for dinner last night. We chose a local restaurant, The Red Parrot, that was very informal and was sure to have lots of activity. We arrived at about 6:00 pm, and it was already pretty busy. I meant to check if there was a cruise ship in the harbor, because there were lots of big groups. Maybe it was a parent's weekend at Salve Regina or St. George's.

I think Daddy was more impatient and antsy than Alexandra or Leanna. There were no worries. With so much activity, there was plenty for Alexandra to watch, including lots of children. And with all the noise, she could have had a world class meltdown, and nobody would have noticed. Our poor waitress kept getting hit with huge (10 - 12 person) groups. (Don't worry, I took care of her.)

It was a very successful trip out. In fact it did dawn on me that a year from now it will probably be more difficult to go out, because that hook-on-the-table chair just won't get it done anymore. She's going to want to hit the floor and start going.

One final note: Alexandra was baptized last weekend. Here's a picture of her in her outfit (the same one in which Leanna was baptized, incidentally).
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