Saturday, October 23, 2004

Metaphysical Masturbation?

The following is rated PG-13 for graphic imagery.
If a Blog is published on the internet, and nobody is there to read it, does it make sense? Perhaps I should direct this and all other questions related to the internet, to its founder, Al Gore.

I've been a father now for 2 weeks, and while I'm not in line for the Hall of Fame, I don't think I suck at it either. I've personally walked into many of the traps little one's lay for us: not having the new diaper ready on the changing table (think fountain), continuing to pat after the burp (and getting the liquids!), and of course not checking for the wipes before removing the very poopie diaper. Makes me wonder who's in charge here. It isn't me, that's for sure...maybe it's Leanna. Anyway, Alexandra's doing very well so we must be doing something right.

Speaking of poop, I think I now understand the origins of "My life is sh-t." In my estimation, this is a very misunderstood phrase as too often people take this figuratively, instead of literally (you read that properly) as I believe was it's original intent. My daily schedule revolves around poop: our baby's (how often, how hard, and DAMN what did she eat?!!!), our geriatric cat's (in the litter box or on the floor?), our dog's (did he go after breakfast?), and naturally carving out a little time for my own; ergo My life is Sh-t! (And to reinforce this point, Otis just farted!)

A final thought for today: I was out running this morning (okay no big surprise here for the other person out there who has been reading this Blog), and I started thinking about destiny, manifest and otherwise. Was it just chance that Leanna and Alexandra came into my life? I'll write more about this later.

My friends I must stop and depart. It wasn't the dog that let that fart. Don't fear I'll keep you in the loop, but I've finished my coffee and now must...