Monday, October 25, 2004

The List

"Do you know about the List? You've got to make the list! It's almost more important than the presents."

The List is a list of who gave which gift at the baby shower. For possibly the first time in human history, a male was the guest of honor at a baby shower. No this was not by design. We are not some sort of progressive couple. Leanna was just plain sick, and couldn't go. Unfortunately the symptoms didn't get really bad until just before the shower, so it was too late to reschedule. Thus it was just Alexandra and I and a room full of women (with their men being attentive!).

I've always been pretty good at thinking on my feet. To divert attention from my bumbling, I placed Alexandra in her Exersaucer in the middle of the room. It worked like a charm. I also was the beneficiary of some wonderful people who took pity on my plight and thus made the list and helped me generally keep things in order. I feel enriched by the experience, but hope never to be enriched in this way again!

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